An important victory of communist movement: the comrades Giuseppe Maj and Giuseppe Czeppel are free!

Let’s create hundred, thousands, ten thousand clandestine Party Committees: that’s how to continue (n)PCI’s consolidation and strengthening and to go on with trust towards the creation of a new socialist country!
giovedì 25 maggio 2006.
message of (new) Italian Communist Party Provisional Commission of the Central Committee

The French Authorities liberated the comrades Giuseppe Maj and Giuseppe Czeppel respectively on 22nd nd 24th ay, after a year of imprisonment. But they imposed them many freedom restrictions: particularly, they cannot leave French territory. Officially, French Authorities haven’t yet concluded their inquiry, that began nearly three years ago (they were charged on 23rd June 2003). The two comrades’ liberation under judicial control means that French and Italian Authorities must account that their persecution wasn’t succeeding in stopping Party’s activity and wasn’t useful for bending the two comrades’ will. On the contrary, the Party was able to lever also on the imprisonment of the two comrades and of the comrade Angelo D’Arcangeli, collaborator of the Provisional Commission’s Delegation (imprisoned for four months in 2005), in order to develop Party’s relations, to ideologically strengthen it and to improve its link with the popular masses. The solidarity of comrades, of popular masses’ vanguard members, of relatives and organization gave a great contribution, and the entire Party is grateful for it.

Now the two comrades start again to work in the Provisional Commission’s Delegation (BP 3, 4 rue Lénine, 93451 L’Ile St Denis - France) they created in 2004 on behalf of the Party, even if they are not allowed to meet the comrade Angelo D’Arcangeli (and the two comrades of the Fraction "October" of the (reconstituted) Spanish Communist Party, arrested in October 2005).

Facing its members’ and sympathizers’ imprisonment, the Party held the place is due to it in the resistance against repression with dignity and honour. In Italy, as in every other country, the imperialist bourgeoisie and its Authorities try to prevent the rebirth of the communist movement. The imperialist bourgeoisie wipes out the memory of the great conquests of civilization and well-being that the popular masses, directed by the communist parties, extorted from it during the last century. It denigrates the first socialist countries and the activity carried out by the communist parties by all means and thousand lies, clear counterfeits of reality and insinuations. It openly and deviously persecutes organizations and individuals continuing communist movement’s work, claiming its great realizations of the recent past, bracing up of communist ideology to contrast the elimination of conquests and to open the road to the second wave of proletarian revolution and the creation of new socialist countries. The Lindblad Resolution approved by the European Council on 25th January 2006 should serve to European Authorities for "settling" Communists’ persecution with the hypocritical proclamation and the exploitable use of “human rights": Communists should be banished from society and deprived of every right as "terrorists" and "humanity’s enemies".

The bourgeois makes the life of millions of workers and their relatives impossible, persecutes immigrants, and carried out an undeclared extermination war against the popular masses all over the world. That’s why it more and more recognizes the really communists parties as the obstacle to eliminate in order to carry on its work of sack and devastation. On the contrary, he who resists and struggles against bourgeoisie more and more gathers around the really communist parties and strengthens them: this is the rebirth of the communist movement and the creation of the new world!

In the next months, the Italian Authorities will give the changing of the guard to the French ones. The Power of Attorney of Bologna joined the infamous list of the Powers of Attorney of Bologna, Venice, Milan, Rome, Naples and launched a new judicial process, the ninth since 1981, against the (n)PCI’s "caravan", probably with new house searches and arrests. Against this new impending menace, the (n)PCI calls for solidarity declarations and effective solidarity of popular masses’ vanguard members, of Subjective Forces of Socialist Revolution, of organizations and individuals. The more since now the public taking sides against the ill-famed attorney Paolo Giovagnoli will be, the stronger, broader and more effective since now the solidarity with (n)PCI’s caravan will be, the greater will be the difficulties and obstacles that the persecutors of Bologna and their instigators will have to face.

The bourgeoisie cannot avoid to persecute Communists and everybody in some way is or tries to become a centre promoting the popular masses’ resistance, as it cannot avoid to exploit, to sack, to reduce workers’ incomes, to use human beings as a mean for increasing their money, to increase its wastes and luxuries, to obstruct the growing of knowledge and dignity among the popular masses, to maintain a great part of the humanity on the borders of social life and civilization, to lie and manipulate consciousnesses and feelings. But in the present conditions just this its "natural" trend leads to the decay of its social order and will lead to its definitive ruin, when the popular masses, the working class and the Communists will oppose an effective resistance. The solidarity strengthens the resistance and it’s a way to participate in the resistance.

The rebirth of the communist movement give a positive and constructive aim to the resistance opposed by the popular masses to the progress of bourgeoisie’s general crisis: to make Italy a new socialist country so contributing to the new wave of the world proletarian revolution. This unites the popular masses and strengthens their resistance, and makes it effective and constructive.

Already today, the discontent for the present situation, the concern about future, the indignation for bourgeoisie’s and its Authorities’ behaviour are very widespread. Nevertheless, there’s great confusion about what to do for ending this situation and this course of things, about which should be the new social order and how to establish it. Many proletarians so little trust in them that they couldn’t either think that changing world is possible. Isolated, one by one, proletarian have no power upon society course. The bourgeoisie did and does everything it can for corrupting and dispersing every proletarian’s organization, for stirring up individualism, for cutting off every rising attempt to organize ourselves. The lack of power and the experience of impotence give rise to mistrust and despair. The bourgeoisie is the party of despair, mistrust, and resignation. The communist movement strengthen itself gathering every aspiration and will to improve, making them effective by means of right line, unity and organization. The experience of victory recreates among the masses the trust in them, in unity and organization.

Now Prodi’s circus has taken the place of Berlusconi’s gang. It shouts to have inherited from Berlusconi’s gang an economical situation identical or worse than that of 1996. So what he wants to do? Does he wants start again as he did in 1996, with new squeezes new sacrifices for the popular masses, so that in some years we shall find ourselves at the same starting point where we are today? Governments change but the social order remains the same, the owners are the same and the aims are the same as well. The enterprises belong to capitalists, and they are interested in production of profits. They are not interested in production of goods and services for the population and in creating well-being. Why this time should squeezes and sacrifices produce something different from what squeezes and sacrifices imposed by Prodi’s government in 1996 produced? Prodi’s circus divides popular masses because it hasn’t and therefore it cannot give any right and realistic prospect. It plays the game of Berlusconi’s gang because it’s only its faded copy. Berlusconi is the purer and clearer expression of what today bourgeoisie is, of its outlook, aspirations and methods: this is the reason of its success and weakness Let’s think to a simple thing as the pollution of cities air. The first elementary sensible solution for improving the situation would be a good and completely free system of public transports. But the bourgeoisie and its Authorities haven’t any interest in such a simple measure. On the contrary, it goes against the profit law that bourgeoisie imposes so freely as it’s allowed to do after the communist movement’s decay, privatizing everything and giving any care and resources only to the activities that produce profits. That is the reason of the multiplication of any kind of prohibitions, tickets, constrictions and enjoinments that don’t reduce pollution, but make life more difficult for who already has it difficult, allowing to rich people to pollute as and more than they did before. The same observation is valid in every field: it is the poison that pollutes our entire society until the suffocation.

In order to get out from this chaos, it needs a broad mobilization of the popular masses, a level of consciousness and organization higher than the present one. The working class is able to give rise to it, and it’s interested in doing it. This is the work the communist party calls vanguard workers to do. This is the communist party’s activity the bourgeoisie tries to suffocate. People like Giovagnoli are the agents on duty for these dirty needs. The clandestine structure of the party is the right answer to the situation: it allows the working class to construct a guide and a direction that bourgeoisie can never destroy.

The repression will not pass!

Let’s carry out the General Plan of Work of the Party without reservation: resistance against repression, intervention on the field of bourgeois political struggle, claiming struggles, aggregation of the popular masses!

Let’s prevent the bourgeoisie’s manoeuvres and ensure the continuity of Party’s activity at any rate ad in any case!

Solidarity with all the revolutionary prisoners in imperialist countries’ jails!

Let’s construct a clandestine committee of the (n)PCI in every enterprise, residential area, mass organization!